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We are leading a transformation of the construction industry by putting a focus on our people, purpose and partners.

Performance and development based on our Guiding Principles allow us to grow sustainably, while maintaining our quality, safety and culture.

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Our teams are building the capacity for failures, so that when accidents to occur, standards are in place that protect us and ensure that we all make it home to our families.

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Our commitment to successfully completing the most demanding projects in the most challenging conditions.

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From the highest degree of quality and safety, to the most pristine project management processes, Melcar's team is the most dedicated and devoted in the industry.

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Melcar has never left a project unfinished with a client unsatisfied, and we aren't going to start now. Melcar's reputation is built on being dependable and trustworthy, allowing our partners to rely on us to complete any project.

Environmental Excellence

We must conduct our operations with respect of and dedication to our environment. We must comply with and exceed all environmental regulations and expectations, 100% of the time.

Value Based Vision™

Maintain our collective visions for the future of our Company, while never compromising our core values.

Constitutional Entrepreneurship™

Take ownership and pride in your project execution. In doing so, you will treat each responsibility, task and project as its own business unit. Seek new ways to creatively solve problems, increase production, and improve your results.

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Ceaseless Education

Maintain a learner’s mindset. Be willing to listen and learn from everyone. Be an educator to all who are on your team.


Need a
Career changE?

A Passion for People

As dedicated as we are to providing safe, quality services to our partners, we are even more dedicated to our people. Without our team of incredible people, Melcar would not be what it is today. It is every team member's responsibility to hold each other accountable for our collective success and well-being. 

Forward Thinking

Melcar is a proven leader in pioneering industry-altering technologies by promoting a passionate workforce dedicated to improving our future.

QHSE - Building Capacity

We are dedicated to each and every member of our Team. We do not operate under the ignorance that accidents do not happen, so we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our Team and our communities. With that commitment, it is our responsibility that every person remains safe by building the capacity for sustaining failures while ensuring no injuries are caused. 

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