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As a turnkey solutions provider, the Melcar Group is changing the dynamic of infrastructure development by building the future through our dedication to our Guiding Principles.


In 1989, Aidan T. Carolan founded the Melcar Group after emigrating from Ireland to the United States. Aidan had spent his first few years in New York City doing civil construction projects, including concrete and paving. As the home telephone became more readily available to the middle-class, the infrastructure to support the new communications networks had to be expanded. Seeing the technical gaps in the market, Aidan sought out ways to safely and efficiently install conduits and pipelines beneath existing infrastructure. It was through Aidan's passion for continuous improvement that he found trenchless technology, and thus the Melcar Group was born. 

Melcar began as a horizontal directional drilling contractor focusing primarily on commercial scale utility installations. In the late 1990s, Melcar began to see the need for a more direct installation method for larger diameter pipes that provided continuous support to the excavated bore hole. This lead Melcar to adapt auger boring and tunneling technology into our capabilities. Melcar's experience with conventional tunneling lead to the application of slurry microtunneling, and with that, Melcar grew from being an HDD company to being a trenchless contractor. 

Today, due to Melcar's leadership seeing similar gaps in the construction industry, Melcar has grown into a turnkey infrastructure development contractor serving clients across the globe. Basing our actions on our Guiding Principles, Melcar has grown sustainably while maintaining our core values. Learn more about Melcar's turnkey capabilities → 


Environmental Excellence

We must conduct our operations with respect of and dedication to our environment. We must comply with and exceed all environmental regulations and expectations, 100% of the time.

Value Based Vision™

Maintain our collective visions for the future of our Company, while never compromising our core values.

Constitutional Entrepreneurship™

Take ownership and pride in your project execution. In doing so, you will treat each responsibility, task and project as its own business unit. Seek new ways to creatively solve problems, increase production, and improve your results.

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Ceaseless Education

Maintain a learner’s mindset. Be willing to listen and learn from everyone. Be an educator to all who are on your team.

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